big and the beautiful dating

big and the beautiful dating

World-renowned singer Adele Whitney Thompson’s plus size dating site, The Big And The, has offered the beautifully curvy Adele, 1 million & #163 to front Thompson’s dating site.

According to the Daily Star, Thompson said “Adele is a ridiculously talented bombshell, I would be proud to work alongside her to continue to show the world what curvy girls are made of “.

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Thompson is the 2008 cycle 10 winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Whitney Thompson, America’s Next Top Model winner claims than an ad for her plus size dating site, The Big And The submitted to NBC for consideration for Superbowl air time was rejected because of fat discrimination.

Her rep released this statement: I wanted to pass along an ad that has been rejected by NBC.

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The ad stars America’s Next Top Model winner and plus-sized model Whitney Thompson. Thompson is the founder and president of the venture.

She believes they rejected the commercial because it features bigger women and not the skinnier accepted norm. hitney Thompson, American’s Next Top Model cycle 10 winner launches an online dating website for plus size women and men who are looking for them. Michelle Rudan Model of the Moment Michelle Rudan is a “Model of the Moment” because this curvy plus size model is gorgeous, super sexy, and a very talented model.

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