dating bosna

dating bosna

Bosnia is a county of delicious food, hospitable people, great schnapps and beautiful Bosnian women.

Therefore, if you would like to have lots of fun and meet exotic beauties Bosnia is waiting for you.

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It is really difficult to talk about the Bosnian ladies and to completely ignore the political/ethnical situation there.

Thus here are few facts about this mystique country before we continue exploring the beautiful Bosnian ladies.

There was a civil war (between three ethnic groups that live in Bosnia, Bosniaks – Muslims, Croats – Catholics and Serbs – Christian Orthodox) that took place between April 1992 and December 1995.

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The outcome of the war practically divided Bosnia between Serbs and Bosniaks Croats, and to this day there are de facto two countries in one (Bosnian Serb Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – comprised of Bosniaks and Croats).

Go to Bosnian Beauties Directory Therefore, when talking about Bosnian women we are actually talking about Bosniak women, Serbian women and Croatian women.

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